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Pro skateboarder Chad Muska arrested for tagging a Coffee Bean, calling security guards ‘ni****s’

Jul 14, 2011, 1:03 PM EDT

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And that’s your headline of the day so far. You may remember pro skateboarder Chad Muska from such hits as the movie Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream, or for his big endorsement deals with Supra Footwear and Element Skateboards. So that’s why it’s kind of startling that dude was caught spray-painting his name on two businesses on Hollywood Blvd. on Wednesday.

And oh yes, you can believe that when he was detained by security guards, he called them “ni****s.” Allegedly, at least. From TMZ:

Muska was first detained by security at the Roosevelt Hotel around 2AM. Law enforcement sources tell us Muska was seen spray painting his name on a nearby Coffee Bean.

While security guards waited for LAPD officers to arrive — Muska demanded the guards let him go, and called them “ni**as” several times … including one instance in which he said, “Fu** all these ni**as right here.”

LAPD eventually showed up and arrested and booked Muska for felony vandalism — and our sources say Muska had tagging materials on him when he was arrested.

One has to wonder why Muska would jeopardize his sponsorships and his name with a random act of vandalism, unless it wasn’t so random. Is graffiti the new guerrilla advertising? Is this a desperate cry for renewed street cred? If so, couldn’t he have just hired some kid to do it? Anyway, his name is in the news, so mission accomplished I guess.

UPDATE: One of Muska’s sponsors, Element Skateboards, is standing by their man. They say that Muska’s use of the ‘N’ word was not racist, because he allegedly used an ‘a’ at the end instead of an “er.” Um … OK.

Chad Muska — Hurls ‘N’ Word During Gnarly Arrest [TMZ]