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Shots on goal: Hope Solo getting a ridiculous amount of marriage proposals

Jul 13, 2011, 1:15 PM EDT

The U.S. fan holds banner addressing U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo before the Women's World Cup semi-final soccer match against France in Monchengladbach

It’s become the world’s new favorite pastime: Proposing marriage to Hope Solo. I’m not sure what guys like 43-year-old Stefan Pfister are hoping to accomplish by making elaborate banners asking Solo to marry them. It’s not like she’s scanning the neighborhood for the most artful penmanship as the criteria for settling down and starting a family. Oh Stefan, did you really think you had a shot?

“Hope Solo is a beautiful woman and a wonderful athlete,” Pfister told Yahoo! Sports. “She shows that you can be feminine and athletic and the best in your chosen sport. I saw during the last game that a fan had written a banner which proposed marriage so I am going to do the same, except that mine will be bigger and better.

“I am not necessarily expecting a positive response but it is a genuine offer,” added Pfister, who claims to have homes in five different countries. “I just want to show my appreciation for her class as a person and ability as a footballer.”

The guy pictured above, by the way, is not Pfister — that’s another Hope-ful with a sign (which may not be quite as serious).

Meanwhile, it’s getting ridiculous on Twitter, where #marrymehopesolo is trending huge right now.



And my favorite so far:


Then of course there’s Facebook.

Perhaps what’s egging on these would-be Lotharios is the confusing status of Solo’s personal life. Rumor has it that she’s now unattached.

Here’s a video from 2007 of Hope and then-boyfriend Adrian Galaviz, a “party promoter” from Seattle.

Oh, and as you no doubt know by now, the U.S. beat France, 3-1. So this isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

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  1. winkeroni - Jul 14, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    I learned the hard way that attractive celebrity+sign with marriage proposal=restraining order.