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David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg be fightin’ (Video)

Jul 9, 2011, 6:30 AM EDT

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Most of the time, Boston’s David Ortiz is a cuddly and lovable character but when you irritate Big Papi, your comeuppance will be fast and quick.

In the 8th inning of their game against the Baltimore Orioles last, Ortiz was not happy with the location of the pitches being thrown by Orioles reliever Kevin Gregg. After the third pitch of his at-bat came close to hitting him, Ortiz started to charge the mound but relented and went back to the batter’s box.

On the next pitch, he flied out to center but continued to jaw with Gregg and that started a good ole fashion brawl:

After everything was sorted out, both Ortiz and Gregg were ejected from the game and Gregg had this to say about his pitches being too far in against Ortiz:

“They’re going to whine and complain about it because they think they’re better than everybody else, but no, we have just as much right to pitch inside as they do. This is a team sport. I take offense to every run scored off every one of our pitchers. I take offense to every one of our hitters that’s hit every time I’m out there,” Gregg said. “You get tired of getting your butt kicked every night when you come in here and I’m going to stick up for what’s ours and try to get the plate back.”


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