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How to win a TV ‘worst driver’ competition: Run down the host (video)

Jul 8, 2011, 2:11 PM EDT

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For all you kids out there about to take your first driving test, here’s a question you should ask yourselves: At the first sign of trouble on the road, do I mash the gas pedal, curl into the fetal position and cover my eyes? If so, may I suggest the bus? That’s the best bet for ‘Pim’ here, who recently won first place on the reality show Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands? with a spectacular display of driving ineptness not usually found outside of a Windermere, Fla., gated community.

So many great things to note here:

  • No one was seriously injured.
  • The show’s host, Ruben Nicolai, was standing to the side of that car that Pim plowed into, and was knocked over.
  • Notice how Pim just panics, lets go of the wheel and seems to say “you’re on your own, car.”
  • Placing a bad driver at the wheel with two chatty female passengers? I see no way that could end badly.
  • When Pim exited the vehicle and began running, I expected him to continue on into the woods. Subsequent news report: “He was last seen living with badgers.”

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