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More Dirk Nowitzki NBA title swag: signed boxing gloves from Muhammad Ali

Jul 7, 2011, 12:09 PM EDT

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The Fourth of July has come and gone (still have all your fingers? Good), yet the Dirk Nowitzki/Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship lovefest continues. Note this awesome development as reported by Germany’s Spiegel Online:

SPIEGEL: Did any German politicians call to congratulate you?

Nowitzki: I think that (German Chancellor) Angela Merkel called my adviser. I’m not totally sure. But do you know what made me the happiest?


Nowitzki: Muhammad Ali sent me a package.

SPIEGEL: What was in it?

Nowitzki: A boxing glove with the inscription: “You are the greatest.” Please don’t ask me immediately about the political meaning of the gift. I was simply happy and sent Ali a golden basketball with a similar inscription.

How great is that? Dirk can wear them while playing the drums.

Dirk Nowitzki Gets Signed Boxing Gloves From Muhammed Ali [That NBA Lottery Pick]