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Here’s the uncensored version of that Swedish women’s soccer striptease video

Jul 7, 2011, 12:46 PM EDT

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We had all been wondering why Germany censored the version of this video that we showed you on Tuesday, and now … we’re still wondering. What the hell, Germany? You’ve never seen a sports bra before? It happened following Sweden’s 1-0 victory over North Korea in group play of the Women’s World Cup on Saturday, as Josefine Öqvist exchanged her jersey for a t-shirt worn by some guy in the crowd (not a good trade for her).

The original video had a black bar over the upper portion of Öqvist’s toros, because God forbid German children should see a sports bra. It’s much better for them to imagine that she was wearing nothing at all, I suppose.

In the U.S. we call this doing a Chastain, and splash it across the front page of every newspaper.

And now on Sprockets … Josefine Öqvist photos!




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