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Andy Murray eats 50 pieces of sushi a day … and he needs some now!

Jul 1, 2011, 12:04 PM EDT

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After a hot start, Andy Murray has watched Rafael Nadal even up their Wimbledon semifinal match at one set apiece (as I type this). I blame Murray’s hobo beard. But it also might be that the Englishman may be running low on his raw fish fuel. From the Daily Mail:

Murray has revealed the endurance-eating regime that has transformed his once-puny frame into a muscular tennis machine. It involves 6,000 calories a day of high-protein, high-carbohydrate food. Even the most active person only usually needs half that intake.

Top of the Murray menu is an astonishing amount of sushi – up to 50 pieces a day. The perfect mix of protein and carbohydrates in sushi rebuilds his muscles and provides energy for subsequent matches.

Breakfast is two bowls of cereal and a few bagels coated in peanut butter (which Murray complains gets stuck to his teeth).

On match days, he will eat lunch two hours before he plays. He’ll load up on pasta and chicken, usually with a tomato sauce.

He will finish with fruit and yoghurt and top that up with regular snacks of protein-packed cereal bars and drink vanilla-flavoured protein shakes.

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