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Mexican-American soccer fans boo the U.S. team in Gold Cup? Not nice, los estúpidos

Jun 27, 2011, 5:12 PM EDT

Gold Cup Soccer

Nice comeback win by Mexico to beat the U.S., 4-2, at the CONCACAF Gold Cup in Pasadena on Saturday. But Mexican fans, did you have to boo the U.S. team? I mean, you live here and everything. You’re U.S. citizens, presumably. No one’s saying you have to root for the U.S. soccer team … pulling for Mexico in this game was completely understandable. But booing the team, and other acts of hooliganism directed at the U.S.? Unless you believe that all of those folks traveled north from Mexico just for the game — and I don’t — then it’s obvious that people living and working in the U.S. booed and disrespected the American team. You took it too far, los salvajes.

From the Sporting News:

Other than a column in the Los Angeles Times, the atmosphere at Saturday’s game was hardly noted. When it was, the crowd was called enthusiastic or impassioned.

How about boorish?

Certainly not all 93,420 fans, but enough to leave you wondering just what the U.S. did to get Mexico so enthusiastic and impassioned.

The antics weren’t anything new. In a 2005 World Cup qualifier, the Mexican crowd booed the U.S. national anthem and some fans chanted “Osama! Osama!” during the game. Two years ago fans threw containers holding urine and vomit at Landon Donovan.

If American fans had done that to Javier Hernandez on Saturday, there would be a national manhunt. But almost any criticism of Mexican fans is viewed as intolerant, if bit downright racist.

The question is: How much must we tolerate?

And how far do you take national loyalty at a sporting event? Your country of origin may be Mexico, but if you’ve come to the United States for a better life for you and your family, shouldn’t there be some sense of loyalty to your adopted land?

That’s like me moving to Canada, living and working there for a couple of years, then during the Winter Olympics shooting arrows at the Always Enjoyable Giant Inflatable Beaver. I just wouldn’t do that. Sure, I’d root for the U.S. in hockey, but I’d realize that Canada is my adopted home, and I’d also carry several strips of backbacon in my pockets. In other words, I’d find a place in my heart for both.

Mexican-American soccer fans, I think you went over the line. Apologize, or we’re canceling the George Lopez Show.

In Gold Cup final, it’s red, white and boo again [Los Angeles Times]
Sorry, Mexico, great win but fans were embarrassment [The Sporting News]

  1. sfchamps2010 - Jun 27, 2011 at 8:42 PM

    They rep Mexico as long as they don’t have to live there. Classy people!

  2. bassmaster357 - Jun 27, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    Round all of them up and deport them back

    • mexicanamericancagirl - Jun 27, 2011 at 11:17 PM

      Since CA and many southern states such as AZ, Texas, NM, etc. belonged to Mexico at one point in time before the pilgrims took over, why dont racist white so called americans just pack up and head on back to the mayflower….and get off our land.

      • cleekk - Jun 28, 2011 at 5:49 AM

        Mexicanamericancagirl, so we should pick an arbitrary time in history of your choosing as to specifically ascertain who the land belongs to. Before CA and TX and points in between belonged to Mexico, they belonged to native Americans. But according to you we should choose the time frame of the Mexicans choosing AFTER the Spaniards ruthlessly annihilated and enslaved the natives as the time of national sovereignty to which we should establish our precedents. But wait, the Euros only did to the natives what the natives were doing to each other in land grabs and enslavement, so that leaves us to using historical precedent – which is conquest, to establish our true boundaries. That makes the Spanish claim on traditional Mexico legitimate, and subsequently the US claims on TX and CA legitimate. With Mexico’s history of corruption and inability to take advantage of its own natural resources so blatant, it should have been so lucky that the US didn’t claim all of Mexico when it conquered Mexico City. Perhaps then there wouldn’t have been such a need for so many of its citizens to look elsewhere for a better life.

      • mibombo - Jun 28, 2011 at 12:50 PM

        listen mexicanamericanagirl you ugly wretch,if the u.s gave you all of those states today in a few years they would be as dirty and corrupt as mexico is now and we would still have to build a fence to keep you out because you would still try to climb over it..

      • bigprof72 - Jun 28, 2011 at 1:32 PM

        I’m mex/amer and harcore US soccer fan and I’ll say what others wont: there’s trash in every race. Dont forget about the standing ovation the Mexican fans gave to the US team in Houston. This was widely reported in English sports media. Yes, Mexico wasnt playing US in that double feature but they still showed respect. Let’s also not forget that the trashy behavior in Houston was exhibited by white americans at Reliant yelling “gardeners!” and “go back to the front of Home Depot”. I’ve seen and heard white American soccer fans exhibiting pretty trashy behavior at other US games, things that offended Americans of all races. Fact is, Texas has more traditional mexican community, and yep LA has mexicans who are considered trashy in Mexico itself…in the same manner as East Texas white trash.

  3. fuwriter - Jun 27, 2011 at 10:40 PM

    First, the writer of this article is a true imbecile. And he is writing a fallacy, apparently he was not at the Reliant Stadium June 22, 2011 when the U.S. played Panama. Well I was in attendance and from the 90% crowd which was there to support Mexico you heard USA! USA! USA!. I can understand if the writer is a sore loser and the additional racist and offensive comment writers are mad at the Mexico soccer fans for whatever reason but they shouldn’t be. Soccer is an international game with hardcore fans who worship their national soccer team. When the USA played against Mexico in California June 25, 2011 I am sure they booed the Mexico National anthem but you just couldn’t hear them. Like an article on Yahoo said “Americans will never like or support soccer because they don’t like losing.” Now that was a correct article. The Mexico soccer fans never shot arrows at the American flag. Oh yea and I am an American Citizen that would fight for America, unlike you all who would support the Draft Dodgers.

    • mrklutch - Jun 27, 2011 at 10:46 PM

      Just deport em.

      • fuwriter - Jun 27, 2011 at 11:07 PM

        How bout we deport your ancestors that came through Ellis Island and were treated by less than animal standards. Or how bout you go to a soccer team match were Mexico plays and Chant that? COWARD.

      • mexicanamericancagirl - Jun 27, 2011 at 11:19 PM

        I’m with you fuwriter..Mayflower come get your squatters off of our land…

    • dbdetec - Jun 27, 2011 at 11:00 PM

      I agree fuwritter… I myself am a proud American of Mexican descent and was at the game with about 8 Marine buddy’s and we were all rooting for the U.S.. I can remember the fan’s boo the players and maybe when they announced the U.S. name but I do not recall anyone interrupting the U.S. anthem or booing the flag to the extent the writer claims. He makes it seem as the whole time the Mexico fans were doing this and this is simply not true. If the fans were stomping on the flag, beating up U.S. fans or burning the flag, then you have all the right to judge the fans. But none of this happened.. What a racist article.

  4. joelfrancisperes - Jun 27, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    It kinda works both ways, I’m a Proud American, I support the US Soccer team and I despise the Mexican team. I was born and raised here; however, all 4 of my Grandparents were born in Mexico. As a US Fan in the past I’ve used the Mexican Jersey as a rug at the door of one of my apartments. Years ago one of my secretaries bought me a Mexican jersey, I burned half of it, threw the other half of it in a garbage bag, then tossed it at her at work the next day. Am I ashamed to be an American of Mexican Ancestry? Absolutely not, I have nothing to be ashamed of. However, my identity is American and my loyalty to the US Soccer team is indicative of that. Go USA, you may have kicked our butts this time, but we’ll be back! In fact this loss will force us to soul search and improve our Soccer program, its an American thing to constantly improve! Congrats to Mexico and their fans, they were the better team this time around. Lets go Yanks!

    • vivamexico14 - Jun 28, 2011 at 9:18 AM

      Whoa seriouslly joelfrancisperes thats really sad that you would do that from my point of view. that is really salvaje and the sad part is that you are mexican for you to do that to the jersey is like you doing it to the mexicans flag u should be ashamed of yourself for behaving like that you say your not ahsamed of being a mexican but you should you are an embarasment to mexicans and the mexican race, you just spit on all your familys face how sad

      • joelfrancisperes - Jun 28, 2011 at 9:37 AM

        my Family doesn’t care what I do to that guacamole green jersey, that’s the beauty of America, to each their own. Most of my Family supports the USA, but I have a niece who is half German half Mexican who supports Mexico. I’m proud of her for supporting the side she loves, I encourage anyone to support whatever team they like, this is America, not Nazi Germany. Go USA………by the way, Carlos Bocanegra is not a Mexican, he’s an American of Mexican Ancestry. Michael Bradley is not an Irish guy, he’s an American of Irish Ancestry, Howard is not an African……yep, American, Bornstein is not an Israeli & a Mexican……….He’s an American….same w/ Feildhaber, Bedoya, Donovan, and everyone else, we’re all American and that is a beautiful thing. Its just a game, yes you won, but its just one battle in an epic war between to regional rivalries. Cheers! Go USA…..

  5. felipejs67 - Jun 27, 2011 at 10:51 PM

    Yes, Americans can’t win on the field so they cry about the “HORRIBLE’ fans, they boo’ed us, wah, wah, wah. Stop crying babies, learn how to play soccer, shut the mexican fans with good soccer.

    • sasquash20 - Jun 28, 2011 at 8:56 AM

      If we played soccer and nothing else we (USA) would be the super power of soccer. The fact is once again we are better then you and realize soccer is boring. Football,, and even hockey blow the doors off that lame sport.

  6. ghostsouls - Jun 27, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    Yeah right, had USA Won, and booed the Mexican flag, you would have every race baiter out there trying to sanction the US Team, and get them suspended. There is a thing in ALL sports, called sportsmanship. Any team disrespecting anyone else’s flag is poor sportsmanship. To hear you people tell it, it is the American way. From now on at events, I will boo their flag, throw stuff on it, pull it down, set it on fire, throw it in the trash… why not, it is just peachy fine that they disrespect the flag of a country that they live in, to escape the tyranny of the country that they came from. If they love it so much why do they come here? Have SOME respect for the country that is housing you, feeding you, educating you, and giving you all sorts of government hand outs. Geeeez. The whole entire stadium can root for whom ever they wish, disrespect and poor sportsmanship, not allowed no matter what side it is from. Sports figures, once upon a time (because it is a fairy tale now) used to be role models, not any more.

    • fuwriter - Jun 27, 2011 at 11:13 PM

      COWARDS… You know well that other than the internet you wouldn’t say any of this non sense. You may be granted freedom of speech by the government but not by the people who would beat you to a coma.

  7. skychronograph - Jun 27, 2011 at 11:39 PM

    Rick Chandler is an ignorant idiot!

  8. pokermanrich - Jun 28, 2011 at 1:18 AM

    It amazes me how some of the comments made here about Anglos go back on the Mayflower and go back to Europe and get of our land and such.

    Well, I got news for those who think such: How about WE ALL LEAVE since this was the Native American Indians land!!

    It doesn’t belong to Mexicans or Anglo Europeans. I wish those who don’t know jack about world history/American History would re educate themselves to know it was the White Man and the Brown Man who took/stolen/squatted on land that belonged to the Native American Indian for thousands of years prior to any other race of human who set foot on the North American continent!

    Both Mexicans and Anglo alike are equally responsible for destroying the Native American Culture with it’s enforcement of their religion/beliefs, taking on of Anglo/Spanish surnames, ideology, customs , germs etc upon the native people of this land.

    For those who lack the knowledge and understanding, READ !! Let history teach you something.

  9. magnus117 - Jun 28, 2011 at 1:20 AM

    I’m hispanic originally from Peru, but living here in the US since the 80’s. I support the US soccer team here, overseas, whether they play Peru or not. Why? Because this is my home. I’m proud of my roots but we came here to form part of this country and the least we could do is be supportive and respectful. Some mexican fans were booing the flag and the anthem. That is not acceptable. In mexico, fans threw cups with urine or vomit to US players in the past. We never did that to them here. Whatever beef those Mexican-American fans have against the US team, thats on them. Oh yeah I hope Argentina, Peru, Brazil, etc kick mex team’s butt in Copa America in a few days. You think your crowd is bad?, try 90,000 angry Brazilians or Argentinians fans screaming at your over-hyped team.

    • dbdetec - Jun 28, 2011 at 2:34 AM

      Your basically repeating everything the article says.. The only difference is that you are wishing that Mexico loses in the next tourney. Don’t be manipulated by the media. I was at the game and I did not hear any boo’s during the anthem. There might be a bone head or two in the stands, which the camera is obviously going to focus on to blow things out of proportion but you cannot classify the race as whole based on a few people. That is ignorance. The past is the past, the crowed was excited but never out of hand. No major media outlet is reporting the claims this article has. Gee, maybe because the writer is full of it?… As far as your wish of Mexico losing in the Copa America… Mexico is not taking any of their starters, so maybe they will lose but why wish they lose if you have no allegiance to anyone but maybe your Peruvian team. You are just as bad as the writer who claims Mexican are Savages.

      • magnus117 - Jun 30, 2011 at 12:48 AM

        No one mentioned race. We are talking about those problematic fans remember? There too were Mexican Americans cheering for Team USA. Look I agree with the writer that one has to at least find a place in the heart for both the adoptive country and country of origin. I was raised here and I’m very thankful and proud to be a member of this nation. Home is where you hang your hat (sort of speak) and given the opportunities that this nation has given us, then yes we at least owe them loyalty. That’s how I feel personally, but to each their own. But just because I criticized your fans that doesn’t make a racist. We cannot pretend these incidents (booing the anthem, etc) never happens and it occurs more often than not. I’d been to games here in the east coast (lately US vs Argentina) and saw no problems. My point is that in a country so politically polarized these type of incidents does not help anyone. I wish the Mexican Football federation could address this issue given the amount of Mexican nationals that live here. Maybe they can do something similar to what the USSF is doing. The USSF started an initiative called the Respect Campaign.

      • magnus117 - Jul 5, 2011 at 9:46 PM

        update: BTW the under 22 Mex team did more that hold their own against Chile. They showed their true grit, a very disciplined and unrelenting team. I was actually very impressed.

  10. trbowman - Jun 28, 2011 at 3:55 AM

    I’m fine with this. They paid money to support their team

  11. elites08 - Jun 28, 2011 at 3:57 AM

    The writer of this article is clearly the estupido!!!! I was there at the Rose Bowl on Saturday and let me tell you that the Mexican fans did NOT boo the U.S. National anthem! The writer obviously was not there on Saturday otherwise he would have known this!!! People have a right to cheer for whatever team they want!! People need to stop bring up deportation just because these people cheer for Mexico instsad of the U.S. They have that right. People who bring up the deportation debate on a sports article show how ignorant they are! They take away from fans enjoying a possible great discussions about what actually happened IN the game!! Ok had to get that off my chest after reading all these comments!!! The game was great and I enjoyed it! Both teams were fantastic and the better team won! U.S. Could be a great team but use a few improvements.

    • joelfrancisperes - Jun 28, 2011 at 6:51 PM

      Although I have witnessed Mexicans boo the National Anthem in the past, this time around I did see swaths of Mexicans in Mexico Jerseys standing and clapping as the MC Fernando Fiore asked for a around of applause for the US Men’s National Team. Those are gracious Winners and probably the ones who do bother to learn English and become US Citizens, the same Men and Women who have American Kids who serve in our Armed Forces and defend our Freedoms, to those Men and Women, thank you for adding to the tapestry that I call the American Dream. The other ones, this Country could do w/out and I doubt the Country of Mexico even misses them.

  12. fuwriter - Jun 28, 2011 at 4:38 AM

    What happened to Brock Lessnerr for being racist? The estupido salvaje Mexican beat his ass… hand to hand… Don’t let it happen to you… cause uncle sam wont save your ass.

    • fuwriter - Jun 28, 2011 at 4:40 AM

      Just being ignorant like the rest of the idiots and who ever dislikes the first comment or this comment would more than likely get his ass beat.

      • jjay9 - Jun 28, 2011 at 6:34 AM

        You sure are a sensitive little Beaner.

        Necesito un trabajo? Just incase you are just a wanna be Beaner, that means “need a job?”

        It is something a white man may say to you when he needs yard work done, dishes washed or something built poorly.

  13. vivamexico14 - Jun 28, 2011 at 8:59 AM

    This moron is calling us mexicans salvajes? May I remind everyone who the real salvajes really are. Who beat and denied rights to african americans for so many years, not the mexicans but the intolerant rasict USA, who discriminated against middle eastern people for so many years claimimg they all were terrorist just because they had middle eastern background, theres nothing salvaje about that? Who locked up millions of japanese people during world war 2 just for being japanese isint that salvaje? The USA always has to be the best at everything and when its not they cry and complain. Us soccer is a waste of soccer they should just stick to basketball and football may I remind everyone who likes USA soccer your captain bocanegra is a mexican so whether you like it or not mexico has a big influence in your team you guys revolve around us and you always will. So for all the mexico haters well too bad for you cuz were always gonna be here whether you like it or not, que viva MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cleekk - Jun 28, 2011 at 9:52 AM

      Hey Pedro, learn a little history. Slavery was introduced into the US by Europeans. While we can’t defend the practice, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Your own Mexican history is littered with your precious Roman Catholic Church enslaving your own native americans, working them to death in silver mines on the very land they once claimed as their own – all in the name of supporting the holy church. And I’m sure if you go to a Middle Eastern country you will find many many instances of discrimination against us anglos – while we may label them terrorists, we would be more accurate in describing them as murderers – all in the name of protecting allah against us infidels. What the Japanese military did to the American POWs way way way outstrips anything the US did to its Japanese citizens.

      And yes, like a bad itch, we realize Hispanics aren’t going away. But if Mexico is so great, why aren’t we reading about all the illegals from this country being caught and deported by Mexican officials? Here’s a clue – its because Americans aren’t heading south in droves to seek out better opportunities where none exist.

  14. vader000 - Jun 28, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    Jjay9, could you possibly sound any more racist(stupid)? I’m a white American and I hate that idiots like you even exist, you don’t deserve our freedom of speech. I work with Mexican immigrants everyday, and they’re the best people I’ve ever worked with. Unlike most white people in this country they take pride in what they do and don’t believe they’re entitled to a job just because of their skin color. My ancestors were Irish immigrants who worked hard to get where they are, just like these people are trying to do now. Its probably tough for you to understand this concept, I know. Fox News, NASCAR, tea party rallies, and glen beck don’t exactly create the deepest thinkers or actually thinking at all. Now please enjoy mouth breathing under your rock drinking Old Milwaukee and blaming foreigners and evil liberals for all your own shortcomings.

  15. cleanslaton - Jun 28, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    Listen to all the sanctimonious POCHOS on here. Get a few things straight:
    1. Mexican is NOT A RACE; it’s an ethnicity. ‘Hispanic’ is a race. Therefore, comments attacking Mexicans cannot be racist, but ethnocentric.
    2. Booing our National anthem is classless. Nobody booed when the Mexican team stood proudly, hands over their hearts, while ‘La cucaracha’ played.
    3. A lot of land was formerly Mexico’s, indeed. However, nobody’s going back in time. WE OWN IT NOW. MEXICO WILL NOT BE TAKING IT BACK. Any points made about ‘whose land it is’ will be moot, since the USA owns it from now on.
    4. ‘Rasa’ is just the hispanic version of ‘white power’ or ‘black power.’ It is equally racially discriminatory to other races that aren’t hispanic.
    5. Americans pay a lot of taxes so that immigrants can come here legally AND illegally. Border states in particular eat a lot of this cost, like admitting illegal alien inmates into prisons and providing healthcare to people without citizenship. I’m a Texas resident, and those bills aren’t cheap for the state to pick up.

    Don’t act like ungrateful asses if you don’t want to earn that reputation.

  16. sasquash20 - Jun 30, 2011 at 3:55 PM

    Mexico blows! Its one of the biggest third world countries in the world. Stop coming to America you dirty wetbacks!

  17. lou014 - Jul 12, 2011 at 5:34 PM

    First of all this was a great game, and also not the first time Mexico beats the US team. I think the author has to understand that soccer fans get too into it at times. Also, maybe the reason the U.S. team got booed is because they represent a country where people make racist comments to them, like those above, or just treat them like crap. Sure this country does provide opportunities many other countries don’t, but these people have to work for these opportunities. I live in west L.A. and all the homeless I see, especially in Santa Monica are white and black. I ‘ve never in 20 years seen a homeless who is hispanic, asian, middle eastern, etc. Go to skid row in Downtown L.A. and you’ll see the same thing there. So yea these people might stand outside home depot, sell oranges by freeways, work as gardeners or picking fruit, but they WORK. They don’t BEG for what they have. Most immigrants experience bad treatment along with many other hardships. So I’m sure there’s resentment towards America.
    By the way, by working, these immigrants are improving the productivity(GDP) of America and, thus, making the country richer. Also, as an econ major I learned that there is actually many immigrants who pay taxes, they, however, cannot receive any money back form the IRS. Everyone racist on this site needs to gtfo and stfu,Globalization is here people, get used to it.

  18. rumdrinkingskeleton - Sep 23, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    Simply stated Mexico is invading America unchallenged. This is also an indictment against the U.S. gov. proving plainly that there is a foreign power that has usurped the American gov. and is complicit through its utter acquiescence by allowing this invasion.

    Black and white Americans of good character must stand together in opposition to this enemy invasion.

    “Illegal Immigration is an Enemy Invasion” /watch?v=GpTMA6ewpmU