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Bisexual players booted from Gay Softball World Series for not being gay enough; will sue

Jun 3, 2011, 12:47 PM EDT


Yes, it’s the story that Court TV is too scared to touch … or perhaps they just don’t understand it. I know I don’t. Three members of a San Francisco softball team competing in the 2008 Gay Softball World Series in Seattle are suing the organizers because they banned their team. The reason? The organizers said that the players were not gay enough.

We reported on this when the story first came out, but now a judge has decreed that the case can go to court.

Steven Apilado, Jon Russ and LaRon Charles — who are openly bisexual — allege that the event’s sponsor and competition rules violate state anti-discrimination laws.

Rules of the annual Gay Softball World Series, sponsored by the National Gay Amateur Athletic Association (NAGAA), state that only two members of each team can be heterosexual.

Ha. So the National Amateur Gay Athletic Association ruled, in effect, that being gay is no place for amateurs. Got it.

The men’s lawsuit alleges that they were individually questioned about their sexuality – in a room containing as many as 25 people. Panel members then voted on whether they men were gay or not.

Seattle attorney Michael Reiss, for NAGAA, said the organisation would ‘vigorously dispute’ the men’s version of events.

Suzanne Thomas, for the the men and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, said: ‘No one should have to go through what they experienced.’

As a result of this lawsuit,NAGAA has recently changed its rules to include bisexual and transgender people.

Bisexual men sue gay softball event after being disqualified for ‘not being gay enough’ [London Daily Mail]

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