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Welcome to reality show hell: Reggie Bush to be in episode of Same Name

Jun 2, 2011, 11:32 AM EDT

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If you’ve ever wanted to watch Reggie Bush live the life of a Danville, Ill., construction worker, you’re in luck. Set your DVR to Humiliating Fall From Grace and watch an episode of Same Name, a reality show in which celebrities switch places with ordinary folks who happen to share their name. In Bush’s case, it’s not like he has anything else to do. No job, no Kardashian, no Heisman … he might as well be a blue collar worker from Danville, Ill. Meanwhile, the Danville Reggie Bush is, what, renegotiating with the Saints?

From AP:

Danville is a former Rust Belt town of 33,000 people about 140 miles south of Chicago. Residents say Bush the running back has filmed scenes at a housing complex and the Moon Glo restaurant.

The NFL star tweeted this week that he is “staying with a cool family out here that shares my last name!” He says the show will air in July.

But that’s nothing compared to the first episode.

The pilot episode stars David Hasselhoff, who travels to Lake Jackson, Texas town (population: 27,614) to meet and trade lives with an electrical technician and landscaper.

“They may have the same names but their lives couldn’t be more different,” says Jennifer Bresnan, CBS evp of alternative programming. “Walking in each other’s shoes and experiencing their home life, work and other activities reveals moments of humor, laughter and unexpected emotion.”

When does the alternate David Hasselhoff get drunk and eat a hamburger off the floor?

Hopefully there’ll be an episode with Floyd Mayweather; then we’ll finally get that Pacquiao fight.

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