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This is English soccer: Kids invade field, punch goalie in head

Apr 26, 2011, 2:33 PM EDT

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OK, if Curly allows a goal in an important match, you expect Moe to react with violence. But this isn’t a Three Stooges short, this is English soccer. Here’s goalie Cameron Belford of Bury FC, a League 2 team from Manchester, being accosted by young hooligans during a game. Belford had just allowed a goal in his team’s match with the home team, Chesterfield, prompting a group of fans to rush the field and taunt him … one of them even punching him in the face.

More photos here. The young girl giving him the finger is a nice touch.

Police say they’ve arrested one of the fans; the guy who threw the punch, I’m assuming. From the London Daily Mail:

“One person has been arrested and we will be scanning the CCTV system and liaising with the club and members of the media and collating as much evidence as possible,” police inspector Russell Dakin said. “The very minimum that will happen to this person is they will get a ban from the club and whatever happens thereafter will depend on the courts.”

Bury ended up winning, 3-2, earning a promotion to League 1.

Fun Fact: This isn’t the first time this has happened in English soccer.

In January a Stevenage FC player was punched by a fan of his own team.

It emerged that Robert Fitzgerald, 24, attacked Scott Laird “out of loyalty” to his girlfriend, who had previously been involved with the footballer. Fitzgerald said he threw the punch because Laird “had not treated her correctly.”

It’s clear that English soccer needs rodeo clowns. Or something … maybe the mascots could be stationed at each end of the field to intercept loony spectators? Who is Bury’s mascot, anyway?

OK, perhaps not.

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