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LeBron has many ‘castaway relatives,’ says great uncle in new book

Apr 26, 2011, 12:09 PM EDT


LeBron James’ great uncle, Steven J. Nelson Sr., has written a book entitled Kin to the King: A LeBron James Family history. Sure, there’s some dirt about our favorite former Cleveland Cav; but the intriguing thing to me about it is that most of it isn’t about LeBron at all. According to this account, the book is primarily about LeBron’s forebears, going back to 1849 in Georgia.

But then, there are also stories such as this:

In Kin to the King: A LeBron James Family History, Nelson, whose late sister Freda was the mother of LeBron’s mother Gloria James, remarks that, although the star has been quoted about the importance of family, he initialed rather than signed a relative’s card ”since his signature is valuable.” Nelson is quick to point out that ”we are not gold diggers or opportunists looking for a handout.”

Nelson said that many of LeBron’s relatives are “castaways,” who feel overlooked by the Heat superstar. Kind of odd for a player who says that family is more important than anything. Then again, I have relatives I see only once every five years or so. I’m sure just about everyone does. That’s pretty much normal.

LeBron’s uncle dishes about family history []

  1. cleonslamminsalmon - Apr 27, 2011 at 9:55 AM

    I hate James, and I don’t even care about this.