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Golf caddies by day, prostitutes by night?

Apr 25, 2011, 11:37 AM EDT

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“OK, that’s a pretty tricky lie, you’ve landed in the rough I’m afraid … I’d recommend a five-iron. Oh, and also don’t forget that we’re playing golf later.”

This news comes from Indonesia, where the ladies of the evening are also the caddies of the daytime. Evidently a group of caddies at a resort in Kulai, Malaysia are lugging bags for golfers during the day, then working as hookers — with many of the same golfers as clients — by night. Does one tip cover both? As many as 26 women may have been involved, say immigration authorities. Ha. Just try and play a round of golf at that resort now. The caddies are all over 75 years old.

“The women usually work as caddies at the resort during the day and then prostitute themselves to golfers during the night.

“All the female caddies were detained during the operation conducted at about 8am at the resort,” he said, adding that the women were aged between 21 and 46.

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Caddies by day, callgirls by night [Yahoo News]