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Wake Up Call: In which Nate Schierholtz gives his brother a gift, special delivery

Apr 19, 2011, 9:00 AM EDT

San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners Getty Images

The last thing Vai Schierholtz expected on Monday was to collect a souvenir baseball: he was sitting in the third deck of Coors Field, after all. He also didn’t expect it to be hit by his brother, who wasn’t even supposed to start against the Rockies. But lo and behold, the Giants thought they needed a little extra speed in the outfield for the opener of their three-game series, and so Nate Schierholtz got the start. And his monster solo home run in the first inning — only the 30th ball hit into the third deck in the stadium’s 16-year history — landed just 10 feet from where his brother was sitting.

Video here. The Giants won, 8-1.

Barry Bonds, who did it twice, is the only other Giant to have hit a ball there. Nate’s younger brother, a student at the Air Force Academy, was attending the game with some fellow cadets. From Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News:

“I saw them up there screaming a little while later,” Nate said. “I’d guessed they went up there to yell at me, you know, from the same spot.”

He didn’t know they sat there the whole game. He also didn’t know until afterward that one of Vai’s buddies bribed a fan $25 for the ball.

“He had a ball in his hand,” Nate said. “He said, `This is the ball.’ I said, `C’mon. No it’s not.”

I also found this amusing:

It wasn’t the first time Schierholtz had been linked with Bonds. Did you ever hear the story about the homer he hit as a minor leaguer on the back field at Scottsdale Stadium? It was the first year they played on the new field and the netting wasn’t high enough. Schierholtz cleared it with a titanic shot and it broke the window of a second-story apartment. The woman who lived there immediately went to the Scottsdale Stadium office and demanded that Bonds sign the ball for her. Why Bonds? Well, she figured, he’s the only one who could’ve hit it. She had to hide her disappointment when she got the ball back with a minor leaguer named Nate Schierholtz’s autograph scribbled on it.


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Keep listening, Mark. I see no way this can end badly.

  1. goforthanddie - Apr 19, 2011 at 4:54 PM

    “She had to hide her disappointment when she got the ball back with a minor leaguer named Nate Schierholtz’s autograph scribbled on it.”
    That autograph is better than Bonds’ any day.