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When it comes to the National Anthem, Portland Timbers fans don’t screw around (video)

Apr 15, 2011, 10:02 AM EDT

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As the Portland Timbers mulled who they would get to sing the National Anthem for their first-ever MLS game on Thursday, they had an epiphany. Why not let their fans do it? And so, apparently inspired by the Edmonton Oilers, the Timbers Army was tasked with putting on a show, and they didn’t disappoint. Portland’s first MLS game started with a bang.

If you’re wondering how a thing like this gets organized, here’s a clue. One of the things I love about the MLS is that they’ve managed to import the European tradition of rabid fan support, minus the hooliganism. The Timbers Army has already proven to be one of the great fan organizations, and they got themselves ready for this. Oh, and the Timbers won at newly renovated Jeld-Wen Field, 4-2, over the Chicago Fire.

Another reason to love the Timbers? Their mascot isn’t some type of walking carpet … it’s an actual dude, with a chainsaw. Timber Joey was also in the house on Thursday.

Some may be uncomfortable about celebrating the destruction of trees, but I rationalize it this way: Timber Joey only cuts down the dead trees of the forest that need to be cleared anyway. He also recycles.

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