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A reader reports from the Lingerie Football League tryouts

Apr 11, 2011, 5:38 PM EDT

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From loyal reader and Cleveland resident Joe Bialek, who attended LFL tryouts for the Cleveland Crush last week:

“I had the opportunity today to attend the open tryouts for the Lingerie Football League team Cleveland Crush at the Royalton Fieldhouse. It was certainly not the perversion excursion I anticipated. And yes I freely admit it was not the sport that caught my attention. But all the women who participated were there for serious athletic competition. Most observers were personal supporters in one form or another.

“It actually didn’t take long for the ambiance of watching well-developed women (dressed in aerobic shirts and shorts) to wear off because just as with gymnastics, soccer or basketball, these are serious female athletes. It was refreshing too to recognize that they didn’t lose their daintiness when entering the field of play. All in all most people would be impressed by this new football venue. And given the situation with the NFL the timing couldn’t be better.

“It will be interesting to see how many are left after the full contact begins. Being able to perform various drills is one thing but being able to hit (and be hit) is another. Something tells me though that when opening day arrives we are going to witness the level of intensity put forth by Hanford Dixon and Bob Golic. The team appears to be geared more for speed than size, but then again I’m no scout.

“Be sure to keep your eye on Contestant number 97. She is the total package; strength, speed, confidence, leadership and beauty all rolled into one. And no I’m not related nor am I looking for a date. Good luck to the Cleveland Crush. Perhaps they will bring home a. winner to this city of losing sports teams. Stay tuned and Go Crush!

Joe Bialek Cleveland, OH”

Contestant 97. Got it.

Lingerie Football League tryouts for Cleveland team [WKYC]