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Half-man, half-boring: Vince Carter would like to bowl professionally

Apr 9, 2011, 11:57 AM EDT

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carter bowl

Yes, but would he try for all 10 frames?

Vince Carter, the former human highlight reel and current bench player for the Phoenix Suns has stated that when it comes time for him to stop his playing days (which these days consist of dunking occasionally, clearly exaggerating his injuries, and seeming genuinely uninterested in the game of basketball), he would like to maybe give professional bowling a shot. Carter fancies himself as quite the serious pin-jockey and when he bowls, he bowls for keeps.

“When I go bowling, I go bowling. I’m not one for the leisure bowling, like the Lucky Strike bowling to go have drinks and fun. I go to bowl. I can go by myself. I have a bunch of bowler friends who go bowl and have friends at the different alleys that I bowl. I can go there and bowl fours by myself.”

Well, with the NBA potentially facing the same fate of the currently locked-out NFL once this season ends (which for the non-playoff bound Suns, is fast approaching), Carter may be able to get a start on his super-serious second-career sooner than he was anticipating.

“That’s something I’d probably like to try to do once I’m done playing. When I was bowling a lot, I was up there. I’m nothing great. I’m like a 172 average. I watch the bowling matches when I come on TV. Some of my boys are like, “Hell no.” I just enjoy it. I like golf but bowling would be first 100 percent.”

172? If VC wants to bowl professionally, he’s certainly better start practicing…yeahhhh, like that’ll happen.

Well, there’s always golf. Even with little to no practice at that, he couldn’t be any worse than Jerry Rice.


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