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ESPN yanks Jalen Rose off the air due to DUI

Apr 1, 2011, 1:22 PM EDT


Our story so far: ESPN analyst Jalen Rose — a former member of Michigan’s Fab Five, in case you haven’t been following life for the past month, or 20 years — got pulled over for DUI back in February. That’s a problem, but a bigger problem is that he didn’t tell ESPN about it. So a Detroit TV station broke the news of the DUI, and the Poynter Institution, which is ESPN’s new ombudsman, published a story about Rose not telling his employers about it. “Rose’s concealment compromises ESPN,” said the report by Poynter’s Kelly McBride and Regina McCombs. A little miffed over getting scooped on a story about one of their own analysts, ESPN suspended Rose. A statement from ESPN, via USA Today:

“Jalen has accepted full responsibility for his actions. Both parties are taking this very seriously, and as a result, we’ve agreed that he will not be on our air while he addresses this situation,” said ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz.

In checking the comments section of the Huffington Post story, many people are assuming this is some sort of blowback for Rose’s controversial comments concerning Duke (ie: “Uncle Tom,” etc.), in the Fab Five documentary.

Um, no. If anything, ESPN was enjoying the publicity from that. But one has to admire the twisted family drama here. One of ESPN’s own analysts, who participated in a controversial documentary produced by ESPN, made some comments about it on ESPN. Then he was busted for drunk driving, and didn’t tell ESPN. Subsequently, ESPN’s ombudsman wrote a post charging the analyst with compromising ESPN.

All of which will be reported tonight on ESPN …

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  1. stinkfingers - Apr 2, 2011 at 11:20 PM

    They should have yanked him off the air for his little pissing match with the Duke basketball program.

    Of course, they let Jemele Hill have a job, and she is throwing racial allegations around like nobodies business.. So apparently, they dont care about that sort of thing.