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Oh, please let this be true– A-Rod to star in romantic comedy?

Mar 27, 2011, 12:08 PM EDT


For Yankee haters everywhere, Alex Rodriguez is the overly spray-tanned gift that keeps on giving. A preternaturally talented player, A-Rod nonetheless finds himself the butt of jokes on subjects ranging from his already mocked glowing orange skin tone to his girlish slap attempt at Bronson Arroyo’s glove to his methods of popcorn consumption. The guy is getting hand-fed tasty snacks by an A-list movie starlet and somehow gets laughed at for it. Tough gig. Then again, considering he sleeps every night atop a cash pile twice the GDP of Canada, who’s really laughing at who?

Still us at him, if Cameron Diaz has her way. There are rumors that she is interested in developing a Major League Baseball-themed romantic comedy (yeah, ask Kevin Costner how that worked out) and would love for her home run smashing beau to star.

“She’s very excited about developing her own projects and the fact this one is about a baseball player means she has good reason to spend more time with A-Rod and the Yankees.

“She’s even thinking that Alex could star in the movie with her.”

Ms. Diaz, allow me to speak for snarky bloggers everywhere and implore you to please make this idea happen, for the collective benefit of society. Times are tough out there, and the nation needs this romantic comedy to bring it together. Let us not underestimate the combined power of Schadenfreude from 3/4ths of the country and the remaining blind loyalty of rabid Yankee fans everywhere. I can hear the cash registers exploding already.

Just no 3-D, please. Unless the movie you’re planning is Attack of the Killer Carrots, in which case, congratulations on creating the best romantic comedy ever.

Fingers crossed.


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  1. lewp - Mar 27, 2011 at 1:04 PM

    Has anyone noticed the new A-Rod commercial where he goes around 4 bases before heading for home? Typical A-Rod, and he must get paid by the base. I hate him.