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GW professor tossed from same game in which he was honored at halftime

Mar 7, 2011, 1:18 PM EDT

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One might say that Robert Kasmir got his money’s worth. Kasmir, an accounting professor at George Washington University, was honored at halftime of the Colonials’ game against Dayton for his financial contributions to the athletics department. But that didn’t stop one ref from ejecting him from the game in the second half for yelling over a foul call.

Kasmir (pictured) had a sideline seat, and was yelling at a ref over a foul on sophomore forward David Pellom. Something he said touched a nerve, because the ref ejected him. From the George Washington University student newspaper:

“Basically, I told the ref he was the worst ref I’d ever seen and he wasn’t worth the $1,600 dollars they were paying him and that was it,” Kasmir said. “And then he ejected me from the game.

“I think the University is a great University. It has nothing to do with the University,” he said. “I think the official should never be allowed to officiate another game in the Atlantic 10, in college basketball, in the United States.”

Senior Vice Provost Robert Chernak said Kasmir did not believe he violated the sportsmanship code.

“He did get a bigger ovation when he was thrown out than when he was on the court for his donation,” Chernak said. “Actually we started to play better afterwards, so maybe we need to make it a fan a game or something.”

GW won, 60-58.

Which official actually tossed Kasmir was not reported (a curious oversight for a paper called The Hatchet). But the refs that night were Jackie Sanders, Quintin Murphy and Dave Draucker. One of them has incredible, embarrassing RABBIT EARS.

I’d like to see what would have happened if a fan with a slightly higher profile — who has been known to attend GW games — had been the one yelling at the ref.

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