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Tuesday Blogdome: ‘I regret nothiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!’

Mar 1, 2011, 4:45 PM EDT

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I don’t go skiing because when there’s something called the “Caribbean,” there’s no reason to go freeze my cojones off on some ice-covered mountain, when I can plop my arse on a tropical beach. If I needed another reason not to ever go skiing, it’s right here in this video. [Ted Williams' Head]

  • Buzz Bissinger on his Twitter feud with Mark Cuban. “I don’t know Mark Cuban at all, except by reputation, but I don’t like being called a coward. And I really don’t like being called a coward when I got a lot of grief for writing this column. Dozens, if not hundreds of people, called me racist. If anyone knows my writing, that’s absolutely not true. … That was not a cowardly column. … I get angry and impassioned and maybe I should hold back, but I didn’t like it.” [Sports Radio Interviews]
  • Bryce Harper, Setting DC Up For Another Massive Letdown. Young Washington National, Bryce Harper, played in his first simulated game against real major leaguers yesterday afternoon and do you want to guess how he fared in his two at bats? Well he struck out twice. Disappointing? Totally! Surprising? Not in the least. … [Deuce of Davenport]
  • Kobe Bryant throws towel in Lamar Odom’s face. Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Oklahoma City Thunder and nearing the end of the game, Lamar Odom had a chance to seal it for the Lakers with some free throws. However, Odom missed both and Kobe Bryant decided to let him know his displeasure by hitting him with a towel. [That NBA Lottery Pick]
  • Libya’s Gadhafi a Breeze After Sly Croom Regime. Thanks to a report today from Stephanie Gosk of NBC Nightly News, we know millions of Libyans continue to stage a rebellion against the country’s tyrannical leader, Moammar Gadhafi. And one Mississippi State fan. [SportsbyBrooks]

For the Record: Everyone please welcome NBA Confidential … Charlie Sheen is now on Twitter (@charliesheen). Who approved this?

Unleash the blog items, Smithers.