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Charlie Sheen off the rails, quotes Allen Iverson

Feb 28, 2011, 11:01 AM EDT

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As the Charlie Sheen Unreality Tour enters its second week — perhaps it will come through your town! — things took an unexpected turn as Charlie suddenly busted out an Allen Iverson quote on The Today Show. By the way, if you want a pretty complete rundown of recent Sheenisms — greater entertainment you are not likely to find — check out Tim Goodman’s Twitter page (scroll down a bit for the deliciousness). Anyway, on with the Iverson reference:

The troubled actor was answering a question about whether he had ever missed a day of work on “Two And A Half Men,” which is inexplicably a hit series. Sheen replied that he had never missed a day that cost anybody any money. “I missed practice. To quote the great Allen Iverson, ‘we talkin’ about practice’,” said Sheen.

Here’s Iverson’s now-classic “We talkin’ about practice, man” quotes from 2006.

By the way, keep watching the video clip for when Sheen takes a swing at Will & Grace for no apparent reason.

It would be a perfect world, I think, if Sheen quit acting and became the owner of an NBA franchise. Preferably of a team in Mark Cuban’s division.

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