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When a wrong number is REALLY wrong– teen girl getting Blake Griffin’s phone calls

Feb 26, 2011, 12:55 PM EDT

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Well, there’s not much Blake Griffin has in common with a 15-year old girl, except they both go crazy over a new car. Oh, and you can add a phone number to that list, as unlucky (or is it lucky?) teenager Kaitlyn Iadevaia of Norman, Oklahoma recently found out.

Personally, I just get a bunch of calls from random speakers of Spanish, the occasional fax machine and the IRS looking for someone with my same name but a whole lot of debt (shhh). Young Ms. Iadevaia here had a bit more fortune in her wrong number adventures.

From KFOR, with all the gravitas it deserves:

At least three times a week she gets calls and texts that are obviously not for her.

She says, “They’re asking me for tickets and memorabilia and what not.”

Those requests are for former OU star and current NBA superstar, Blake Griffin. Kaitlyn’s mother, Lyn Iadevaia says, “I’d hire a personal secretary to answer my text messages if I were him.”

Lyn says it took them a bit to make the connection that his old number is now Kaitlyn’s new one.

However long it took, we’ll just chalk that up to the Oklahoma Public Schools system and move on. As obviously annoying as it would have to be to answer a plethora of wrong calls each and every day, young Kaitlyn and her mother are assuredly getting her a new number, right? Yeah, about that…

Lyn says, “We’ll probably leave it the same because now she has the claim to fame that I’ve got Blake Griffin’s old phone number.”

Look, I hate to break it to you, but I think you guys have already juiced this fruit for all that it’s worth. I don’t see any media types clamoring to knock down your doors in a couple months for their soft-focus Emmy hopeful follow-up piece. All you’re going to keep getting are wrong phone calls, not more spotlight and microphones. Let’s quit while you’re ahead, folks.


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