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OK, now an eight-year-old quarterback has made a trick shot video

Feb 24, 2011, 1:08 PM EDT


First we had the Johnny McEntee quarterback trick shot video. Then Alex Tanney upped the ante a bit with his his version. To great quarterbacks working the devil’s magic? Or is it so easy an eight-year-old can do it?

Meet Daron Bryden, a Connecticut eight-year-old whose coaches claim is a quarterback prodigy. Daron has produced his own trick shot video (below). It consists of only three throws, but is impressive nonetheless. And best of all, now we can stop with the trick shot videos for good. Unless you’re seven or younger, that is.

And in closing, here are a couple of endorsements/shout outs on Daron’s web page:

“Daron is the Future of Connecticut!” — Florida Gators quarterback Tyler Murphy.

“Thats whats up… looking good already!” — Marcus Vick.

Oops. That can’t be a good start to a football career.

  1. ronklinger - Feb 24, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    When do kids get to be kids and not get put on display for the world to see? Did he post this or was this his decision to make the video? There is a small chance that he wanted to do it, but a greater possiblity that his parents did this. Since when do you promote an 8 year old as a football and qb prodigy? Really? His own website? His own address to follow so you can see how he progresses?

    The kid is 8! We have gone down a path in our society that places value on “things” such as the tricks in this video, to get our 15 minutes of fame. What does the kid do next? What pressures are being placed upon him at 8 that he is a prodigy who is working with a football coach/trainer?

    If he has the talent and the desire to play football, that will get him where he needs to be. To have a professional coach working with an 8 year old, now trying to become an internet sensation….well, I just think there are better ways to support and grow him as a young man who can one day be a valuable and contributing member of society. Don’t rush the kid to grow up. He is only 8, let him be an 8 year old. Just because the technology is there, and others promote such marketing of their kids does not make this a positive thing. Now we gotta keep up with the “Joneses” on a whole different level.

    • cur68 - Feb 24, 2011 at 10:35 PM

      Most kids of his age can work a computer well enough to indicate their state of mind. He seems to be having a great time and if he wasn’t I’m sure, thanks to social media like we’re using here, he can let the world know. In the meantime, the kids pretty good, isn’t he?