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Tuesday Blogdome: Former Auburn player to detail allegation on HBO

Feb 22, 2011, 4:37 PM EDT

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In a recent interview with HBO Real Sports, former Auburn football player Stanley McClover alleged that while he was a current player at the school, an Auburn assistant football coach provided him extra benefits that would be considered a violation of NCAA rules. As part of a Real Sports episode on the “State of College Sports in America” to be aired March 30 on HBO, I’ve been told McClover names the assistant coach in the piece.

The accused assistant coach is no longer at the school. The allegation against the Auburn football program by McClover, who left the school in January 2006, falls outside the NCAA’s standard statute of limitation guideline of four years, with one notable exception. … [SportsbyBrooks]

  • Attorneys REALLY Don’t Want To Represent Auburn Tree Poisoner Harvey Almorn Updyke. The first attorney assigned to him, Phillip Tyler, begged off the case due to what he termed “numerous personal and family ties to Auburn University,” including that he used to be a part-time professor there and that his law firm represents Auburn. Another attorney, Jerry Hauser, was assigned to represent Updyke. Problem solved…for four days, until Hauser also asked to be taken off the case earlier today. Hauser had similar conflict-of-interesty reasoning for asking to be recused: “wife is the Head of the Department of Communication and Journalism at Auburn University.” … [SportsGrid]
  • Chris Nowinski Gravely Warns That 50 Percent Of High School Football Players Will Get A Concussion. “Fifty percent per season. We used to think it was five or 10 percent, but when we started looking at the actual source of that data, it was all coming from athletic trainers. Well, if you’ve played the game you know you don’t always tell the trainer you have a concussion because (A) they can’t really help you and (B) you may not even realize you have the injury. There’s been a couple of smart doctors … who surveyed players directly postseason and anonymously, and then took out the word concussion from the study, and just said how many times have you been hit and experienced dizziness, confusion, seeing stars and this laundry list of symptoms. And the number came out to 50 percent per year, and some kids saying what they used to call dings and their bell rung a few times per year. If you play a few years of football you’re almost certain to have a concussion.” … [Sports Radio Interviews]
  • Can you pick out Derek Jeter’s Tampa mansion? You get one chance to pin the tail on the Yankee captain’s mansion on this Google map. Go. [Bob's Blitz]
  • Troy ‘Escalade’ Jackson, Streetball Legend, Dies At All-Star Weekend. Streetball legend, Troy “Escalade” Jackson passed away just before Sunday’s All-Star game. Troy Jackson, the brother of ESPN analyst Mark Jackson, died in his sleep in Los Angeles Sunday morning. He had been in Los Angeles for All-Star Weekend. [Huffington Post]

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