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Video: CHL assistant coach flips out at refs, strips during game

Feb 21, 2011, 2:52 PM EDT

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Damn you, Chris Lee. See what you’ve started? An assistant coach for the CHL Colorado Eagles became so irate over a referee’s actions during a game on Sunday that he stripped off his clothes and threw them onto the ice. Assistant Greg Pankewicz did not appreciate linesman Chris Wilson tackling one of his players during a fight, and let him know with an abusive tirade from the bench. But fearing he hadn’t made his point, and then began taking off his clothes and chucking the garments onto the playing surface, except for, thankfully, his pants.

While Dan Sullivan and Russell Smith were engaged in fisticuffs, Grimaldi keyed in on another Mississippi player, but before he could get to him was tackled hard to the ice by Wilson.

Pankewicz was irate, and methodically dismantled his three-piece suit and tossed the clothing to the ice. Shirtless, Pankewicz’s last tosses included his loafers.

He did not want to comment on the situation after the game

Of course if the refs were smart, they would have refrained from ejecting Pankewicz, requiring him to stay on the bench, shirtless, for the remainder of the game. Brrr.

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