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Wake Up Call: A collection of escape attempts by Donald Trump’s hair

Feb 17, 2011, 9:00 AM EDT

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trumphair copy

With Donald Trump expressing interest in buying the Mets — the New York Post went as far as to write that he might be moving into CitiField soon — it’s a good time to think of ways the team can profit off of its prospective new owner. If the Dodgers could make money selling Manny Ramirez wigs, the Mets would be unwise to ignore The Donald’s do.

Trump wigs in the souvenir stands would be a must, but I further propose this: You know how the Giants have a huge Coke bottle in center field with a slide in the middle? Make one of those in the shape of Trump’s hair. Call it Donald Trump’s Wild Ride. Better yet, and to ward off lawsuits, Mr. Met could slide down the giant Trump wig after every home run. Oh no, it’s a large gust of wind … Mr. Met! He’s headed for Beechhurst!

In that spirit, we present some photographs of courageous Donald Trump hair escape attempts. This could be your new Mets owner, folks!

Or, maybe not.

Well, there’s always President.