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About Last Night: Vegas take on the Lakers’ loss

Feb 17, 2011, 9:30 AM EDT

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What you missed after taking the law into your own hands.

  • The Lakers were 11.5-point favorites at Cleveland on Wednesday, and I think by now we all know what happened. But how many times has an NBA team lost this season after being favored by 11.5 points or more? Answer: Only 5. And three of those have been by the Lakers. According to RJ Bell of, the Lakers also lost after being 13-point favorites against the Kings on Jan. 28, and also were 12-point favorites in a loss to the Bucks on Dec. 21. The Magic (14-point favorites vs. Raptors; 12-point favorites vs. Pistons) are the only other team to lose 11.5-or-greater games.


Those dolphins are witnesses! I must kill them too!