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Wednesday Blogdome: John Daly’s golf bag wants to know, did somebdy step on a duck?

Feb 9, 2011, 4:43 PM EDT

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A flat-screen TV on a golf bag?  A flat-screen TV on a golf bag. John Daly sent out this picture, via Twitter, of his brand new golf bag, and words fail me.  Sure it’s a tad on the large size, but the thing is so absurdly cool, it’s worth it.  Plus it’s a perfect golf bag representation of Daly himself—it’s big, it’s garish, and it’s entertaining as hell. … [The Last Angry Fan]

  • Steven Seagal is the MMA Yoda. Action Star. Aikido expert, and middle-aged eskimo woman Steven Seagal was in Anderson Silva’s corner at UFC 126 last week, where Silva threw a nasty kick on Vitor Belfort that basically means that the GSP/Silva superfight has to happen now or else Dana White may have to start feeding his dog real dog food. Silva is now saying that Seagal also taught him that nasty kick. … [Deuce of Davenport]
  • The shaving helmet. YouTube user mattinbrooklyn posted a video of the revolutionary Shaving Helmet, a terrifying helmet hiding four shavers on an automatic track underneath. At about 51 seconds into the video, the camera pulls away from the test subject, making us skeptical of the cleanly-shaven outcome. … [Geekosystem]
  • Michael Oher on whether he was pleased with the way he was depicted in the film The Blind Side. “It was a great story, great ending and everything, but my character was a little off to what I’m used to and what I think I am. I think I have a little more personality, talk a little bit more, and I don’t think he did neither of the two. But it was great, it was a great movie.” On how Mrs. Tuohy’s role was depicted in the movie: “Oh yeah, she’s going to get her point across and she’s going to get what she wants. She’s great. I love her to death and I wouldn’t be here without her.” [Sports Radio Interviews]

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