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Tuesday Blogdome: Get ready for Fantasy Court

Feb 8, 2011, 4:45 PM EDT

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CBS Sports is now casting a “Judge Judy” like show for deciding fantasy sports arguments. This is happening people. That’s right, number crunching dorks (full disclosure: I am one of those dorks) arguing over things as minute as whether or not the fumble by a return man on a special teams play should count against that individuals players stats or against the DST (full disclosure: This argument actually happened in my league and it was a big deal) are FINALLY GETTING THEIR TIME TO SHINE!

If it hasn’t happened already then fantasy sports have officially jumped the shark. Time to hop on a new gaming trend people, in 5 years you will look at fantasy sports with the same disdain as POGS and Tamagotchi. [Deuce of Davenport]

  • Super Bowl betting: The house wins again. Despite widespread speculation that the Super Bowl was a tough one for the sports books, the final numbers show yet another losing year for the players. Nevada Totals: $87.5 million wagered. $724,000 won by sports books. That makes 15 of 16 winning years for the sports books! (the lone exception being Giants/Patriots in 2007). RJ Bell of said: “Packers and Over was by far the worst possible result for the sports books, and even so they ended up net winners. This is a great example of the steep uphill climb the average player faces trying to win.” []
  • Amanda Saldana On Super Bowl XLV Ticket Snub ‘Nobody had any idea what was going on.’ “A man came out and was like ‘Look I work here. I’m in charge of hospitality here and we’re going to be here to make sure you guys either get seated or standing somewhere to watch the game.’ All of us were like ‘We’re going to be inside right?’ He’s like ‘Oh yeah most definitely.’ The cop standing behind the fence was like ‘We don’t let these fans in they’re going to come in anyway.’ So they let everyone in and didn’t give anyone any direction. Everybody is kind of running everywhere.” … [Sports Radio Interviews]
  • Arkansas Razorback Billboard In Yuma Arizona. On December 2, Richard Davenport of the Arkansas recruiting site reported on the recruitment of junior college prospect Aaron Douglas by the University of Arkansas football program. In attempting to persuade Douglas to transfer to Arkansas, head coach Bobby Petrino oversaw the purchase of billboard space along a desolate stretch of Interstate 8 just north of the U.S.-Mexico border in Yuma, Arizona. (1,400 miles from Fayetteville.) Not coincidentally, Douglas was attending Arizona Western junior college in Yuma at the time. … [SportsbyBrooks]

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