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Packers fans vs. Steelers fans — who has more sex?

Feb 5, 2011, 5:10 PM EDT


It’s Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay … in bed.

Like you, when seeking Super Bowl sex statistics, my go-to sources are usually French dating web sites. This data found at may shock you. So here’s the question: Which group of fans would you suppose have more sex? Steelers, or Packers? (Porn music soundtrack here … Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka).

Smartdate asked 31,830 of its members living either in Wisconsin or in Pennsylvania about their sexual background. The results proved to be quite interesting, as members in Wisconsin scored higher in regards to their number of sexual partners. The average number of sexual partners in their life span is 6.3, while members from Pennsylvania only admitted an average of 4.6 partners. The difference between men is even larger, as male members from Wisconsin claimed 6.7 partners whereas those from Pennsylvania registered 4.8.

When asked the question: “When in a relationship, how often do you have sexual intercourse in a week on average?”, individual’s responses also differed from one state to the next. Pennsylvania stated an average of 3.4 times, while Wisconsin registered 4.1 (meaning 36.4 less times per year).

Is it fair to group Steelers fans with Eagles fans here? I’m sure that there’s less time for sex when you’re out causing civil unrest, so that may skew the statistics. Also, what else is there to do in Wisconsin?

But take heart, Steelers fans. You rate much higher when it comes to “sexual role playing.”

Despite this statistic, it seems that Green Bay is less creative in the bedroom department than Pittsburgh. Indeed, the only area where Pennsylvania scored higher than Wisconsin was relating to their sexual practices. Members living in Pennsylvania admitted to participating in various sexual games and scenarios with their partners more often (38% versus 21% for Wisconsin) and watching more pornography together (32% versus 24% for Wisconsin).

OK honey, tonight I’ll be Gov. Ed Rendell, and you be the stranded motorist.

Packers fans battle Steelers fans in sexual survey [Ben Maller]

  1. masterofthegridiron - Feb 6, 2011 at 5:57 PM

    Ben Roethlisberger is probably 2.5 of that