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Get your checkbook ready to be emptied, it’s Super Bowl prop bet season

Jan 31, 2011, 1:47 PM EDT


Now that we’ve gotten the shameless public showcase of how lazy football would look if the players didn’t have anything to fight for that we call the Pro Bowl out of the way, it’s high time we start thinking about blowing all of the money we’ve been saving up to cover for our Christmas debts. Yes, the Super Bowl prop bets are here! Why not make yourself look like an idiot in front of all your friends by pleading with my projected Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers to thank God during his post-game interview instead of his family or team because that’s the prop bet you took.

Think you’re an expert on how long it’ll take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem? Or if Blake Griffin will score more points against the Heat on Sunday than the Packers will against the Steelers? R.J. Bell of has Provided a list of all the crazy prop bets people have concocted to help deal with the crushing realization that guacamole is a vastly inferior dipping sauce to salsa, and you just bought eight pounds of it.

I’m hoping they add a bet asking if the Black Eyed Peas are going to be terrible at halftime because that’s a stone cold lock if I’ve ever seen one.

Biggest Super Bowl Ever?

Super Bowl XLV is expected to be the biggest bet Super Bowl EVER, with over $10 Billion riding on the game worldwide. This would be the largest bet single-day sporting event in history. Over half of adult Americansare expected to have some money at risk on the game.

RJ Bell of said: “People associate sports betting with Las Vegas, but less than 1% of Super Bowl action will occur in Nevada.”

An estimated 50% of the action will be on PROPS!

Prop Display Format:
10 to 1 means $1 wagered wins $10
+150 means $100 wagered wins $150
-150 means $150 wagered wins $100
Over/Under means the event is expected to happen this many times

Crazy Props:

How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem?
Over/Under: 1 minute and 56 seconds

Will Fergie be dressed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader at any point during the Halftime show?
Yes = 17% ($100 wins $500)

How many times shown?
Jerry Jones: over/under 2.5 times

How many times mentioned?
Brett Favre: over/under 2.5 times
“Lockout”: over/under 1.5 times

First End Zone Celebration?
Ball Spike: +$300
Championship Belt +$300
Lambeau Leap +$300
Dunk over cross bar: +$400
Quiets the Crowd +$600
Bicep flex +$700
Backflip: +$800
Snow Angel: +$1100
Signs football with Sharpie: +1700

What color will the Gatorade be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?
($100 wins . . . )
Yellow: +$150
Clear: +$300
Orange: +$300
Red: +$400
Lime Green: +$500
Blue: +$1500

Who will the Super Bowl MVP of the Game thank first?
($100 wins . . . )
God +$150
Nobody +$200
Teammates +$250
Family +400
Friends: +800
Coach +1000

Will a punt hit the scoreboard?
Yes = 9% ($100 wins $1000)

Will a Steelers player do the Aaron Rodgers Championship Belt Celebration during the game?
Yes = 43% ($100 wins $135)

Will Any Player do the Lambeau Leap after a TD?
Yes = 40% ($100 wins $150)

Team Props

Will either team score 3 straight times?
Yes = 62% ($165 wins $100)

Longest TD of the game?
Over/Under: 44.5 yards

Largest lead of the game?
Over/Under: 13.5 points

Will there be a special teams or defensive TD?
Yes = 39% ($100 wins $155)

Steelers – Total Rushing Yards?
Over/Under: 107.5 yards

Packers – Total Rushing Yards?
Over/Under: 76.5 yards

Total Yards by both teams?
Over/Under: 666.5 yards

Odds of 81 or more combined points being scored?
30 to 1 against

Odds of either team winning by 39 or more points?
70 to 1 against

Odds of either team being shut out?
50 to 1 against

Packers Player Props

Will Aaron Rodgers throw an INT?
Yes = 60% ($150 wins $100)

Aaron Rodgers – Total Passing Yards?
Over/Under: 274.5 yards

Aaron Rodgers – Odds of throwing 6 or more TDs?
30 to 1 against.

James Starks – Total Rushing Yards?
Over/Under: 50.5 yards

Steelers Players Props

Mendenhall – Total Rushing yards
Over/Under: 81.5 yards

Hines Ward – Total Receiving Yards?
Over/Under: 48.5 yards

Mike Wallace – Longest Reception?
Over/Under: 24.5 yards

Troy Polamalu – Will he intercept a pass?
Yes = 27% ($100 wins $275)

First TD scored?

Mendenhall: +$500
Jennings: +$500
Wallace: +$700
Starks: +$900


Rodgers +$130
Roethlisberger: +$325
Mendenhall +$650
(No other Player better than 12 to 1)

Cross Sport:

Who will score more points?
Blake Griffin vs. Heat (2/6/11)

What number will be higher?
Lebron James points and assists combined
Distance of first made Field Goal

*** More Super Bowl info . . .

Current Line: Packers -2.5 (total 44)

The Las Vegas favorite has won 32 of 44 Super Bowls (73%).

Perfect Pittsburgh Predictor?

The point spread has predicted the winner of all seven Steelers Super Bowls (6-0 when favored, 0-1 when underdog)

Close Game!

For 28 STRAIGHT prior Super Bowls the favorite has been favored by a field goal or more (41 of 44 Super Bowls overall).

Las Vegas Wins!

Sportsbooks have made money from the players 18 of the last 20 years! Players won in 2008 (Giants vs. Pats) and 1995 (49ers vs. Chargers).

  1. dad3004560 - Jan 31, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    Have your wife and kids download super bowl commercial bingo on there phone. They’ll watch the whole game and probably not say a peep during the actual game. That’s worth getting your checkbook out.