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Lewp at Super Bowl XLV: My kingdom for a parking space

Jan 28, 2011, 10:06 AM EDT

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Our correspondent, Lew Patton, checks in from Dallas-Fort Worth.

By Lew Patton:

Hello Off the Benchers, Lew again with some news about potential problems with parking at Super Bowl XLV.

Rumor has it that it will cost $200 to stand outside of Cowboys Stadium to be at the Super Bowl. It’s going to be packed in that area. Parking is going to be ridiculous, trust me on this.

I’ve been reading about the very expensive costs to park at the game. Regular spots in the parking lot went on sale Dec. 8 for $71 plus tax, but those were presumably sold out long ago. According to Parkwhiz, it’s almost $1,000 just to park close to Cowboys Stadium! Ouch! (Others are going for the low, low price of $500).

Here’s my suggestion. A $30 transit pass is now for sale, and it features a sharp rendition of the Super Bowl XLV logo. The bearer gets unlimited train and bus rides throughout Dallas-Fort Worth Feb. 3-6. “We have over 240 events, and the rail will get you to 75 percent of them,” said Michael Morris, transportation director for the North Central Texas Council of Governments. And don’t think you can use your Cowboys season ticket pass either.

Let me also add that Dallas–Fort Worth has a train system; it’s called the Trinity Railway Express. I would highly recommend planning your events around the location of these train stops. It will save you countless traffic headaches and parking, plus save you tons of money.

Take it from me folks, traffic here in north Texas is difficult enough on normal game days. The Super Bowl is going to be a nightmare traffic-wise.

Meanwhile, we have our first Cowboys Stadium parking lot drama of the Super Bowl, as a suspicious package has been found in a covered grate near a drainage ditch just outside the stadium. The bomb squad is investigating. And that transit pass is now looking better and better!

UPDATE: The package was a false alarm.