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Tuesday Blogdome: Packer fan auctions self on eBay for seat at Super Bowl

Jan 25, 2011, 4:34 PM EDT

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We get the angle: there has to be at least ONE open spot on all those luxury suites. Someone’s brother-in-law or business associate or client who you KNOW isn’t a football fan and will say they are going to show up and then won’t, so why not let a true Packers fan in on the fun? As he explains it on the current eBay Auction:

I am a poor college student and I have been waiting for my beloved Packers to make it back to the Super Bowl since I was 8 years old. Being from the Dallas area, I have to find a way to get to this game. During the 2007 NFC Championship Game, my heart was broken into pieces following Brent (whoops. Brett.) Favre’s final pass as a Green Bay Packer that sent the NY Giants to the Super Bowl. All of this was erased this postseason as the Packers made it back to the big dance!


  • West Virginia forward walks out on team in the middle of game. According to multiple reports, reserve forward Danny Jennings left the Mountaineers bench early in the second half of Sunday’s 56-46 victory over South Florida and did not return the rest of the game. An angry West Virginia coach Bob Huggins said in his postgame news conference that the absence was both “unexcused” and “inexcusable,” adding that Jennings is “never to be seen again, I guess.” … [The Dagger]
  • Mike Holmgren on Jay Cutler. “From what I read today, I thought Lovie handled his press conference pretty well considering everything because look it, you’re not playing in this league … there’s no way you’re a starting quarterback in the league and you’re not tough. There’s no way. And there’s no way that you’re not going to play in that ballgame unless you absolutely cannot play. And that goes without saying. Anybody that took cheap shots at him should be ashamed of themselves. Because that’s simply not part of the deal. And the people that know him know that.” [Sports Radio Interviews]

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