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Morning mugshot: Terry Glenn doesn’t see what, like, the problem is man

Jan 22, 2011, 9:30 AM EDT


Well, at least one Dallas Cowboy is keeping his name in the news this January. That would be former Cowboy wideout (and subject of Bill Parcells’ gender confusion) Terry Glenn, who was busted in Denton County, Texas for DWI and 2 counts of marijuana possession. And, if there was any question that Mr. Glenn was indeed higher than Sarah Jessica Parker’s cheekbones, we have the mugshot as confirmation.

That is glorious. He looks like he’s torn between telling a police officer a rambling joke and making a run for some Doritos. I just got a contact high from staring at him too hard. Hell, his eyes are more glazed than the donuts in the backseat of the cruiser that took him in. I wouldn’t trust that guy to operate a pair of shoes, much less a motor vehicle. I didn’t know black people even listened to Phish.

Good job to the Texas authorities for getting him off the road before anything tragic could occur, and better job to whoever was able to take that mugshot with a straight face. That makes one in the room, at least.


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  1. lewp - Jan 23, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    Even harder to belive that at one time, Terry Glenn was the best receiver the Cowboys had. It’s no wonder we Cowboys fans thought T.O. was a positive.