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Thursday Blogdome: And now, a gay Washington Capitals blog

Jan 13, 2011, 4:47 PM EDT

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The Washington Capitals may have more niche fanblogs than any other team since the dawn of the Internet. There’s a blog for evangelical Christian Caps fans, another one for Caps fans who are mothers, and still another that’s largely LOL-caption based. Now, Caps Nation has taken niche blogging to the next level with the arrival of Puck Buddys, a blog “for boys who like boys who like hockey.” That’s right, folks. It’s a gay fan blog. [The Score]

  • Jeremiah Masoli on what it was like to watch Oregon have the season they did without him. “I am just happy for these guys. From last season to where we didn’t get it done in the Rose Bowl like we wanted to. I just think that was a lot of fuel for everybody going into the offseason just working hard until you take it to the next step…” [Sports Radio Interviews]
  • AOL Folds Fanhouse Brand Into Sporting News. Sporting News on AOL will launch in two months. In other words, Sporting News did the deal to gain more traffic via the AOL web portal. … [SportsbyBrooks]

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