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Wednesday Blogdome: An ironic shirt to be wearing on Dollar Beer Night

Jan 12, 2011, 4:38 PM EDT

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As part of a promotion to “White Out for Wichita”, Creighton is offering dollar beers for all fans over 21 years old up until tipoff in the “Budzone” part of the arena. Being the responsible citizens that they are in Creighton, shuttle services are being provided for all those who want to party the night away and enjoy some Bluejay basketball with an old-fashioned buzz.

While “dollar beer” promotions have long been a part of minor league baseball and other sideshows, I am not sure that I have ever seen such an event at a college sporting event. But for the Creighton fans in Omaha, tonight may get slightly rowdy as the Shockers come a’knockin. [CBS College Basketball Blog]

  • Lone fan awaits Ducks in Eugene. The Oregon Ducks, cheered by 14,000 fans in Arizona in a pre-game rally, returned quietly to Eugene one day after playing for the college national championship. The team did not publicize its homecoming after a final-second loss in to Auburn BCS Championship, and coaches asked members of the media not to interview players. With flight delays adding on several hours, a single fan greeted the Oregon Ducks football team on their arrival. Brad Kyle said he maintained the lonely vigil to show his support. “What they accomplished was special.” … [KGW]
  • Michael Vick, on if he thinks he can have the same type of success with a coach other than Andy Reid. “That’s a good question and it’s funny because I thought about that last week. Honestly, I really don’t think so. The way he stays on top of you is like having a dad on you every day. There’s really no margin for error, we’ve got an open and honest relationship, and me not wanting to disappoint him and what he demands of the quarterback position. … ” [Sports Radio Interviews]
  • The most wusstastic “fist” fight you’ll ever see in your life. This video of two gentleman having a fight on an Ontario train’s platform is just the most pathetic display of manliness ever captured on film. … [Guyism]
  • You rang? Pete Carroll answers reporter’s cell phone during press conference. []

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