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Video: English soccer player sucker punched by fan on-field following FA cup upset

Jan 8, 2011, 8:48 PM EDT

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Breaking news: soccer in England is ridiculous. This poor bastard in the video, Scott Laird, had the misfortune of being a defender for Stevenson, a fourth-tier squad who pulled off a mighty 3-1 upset over Premiere side Newcastle in the FA Cup. Laird was celebrating politely when some hooligan decided to put down his pint for long enough to go William Ligue Jr. on him, cold-cocking him to the ground before scampering off, seemingly un-noticed, into the shambling mass of flags and hollers that trampled across the pitch.

Hopefully they find this punk and bring him to justice– assault is assault, and although it was in a rather ridiculous context this time, it’s still a pretty simple matter. Also, sucker punching is for girls.

However, in a delightful bit of levity, this last line from one of the reports of the assault sums up European club soccer pretty well, I think:

It was not clear which team the fan supported.

“Hey mate, great win! I’m going to punch you in the eye now! Weeee!”

Then again maybe the kid was just so drunk he mistook Laird for his girlfriend. Happens all the time, I’m sure.

Stay classy, England.


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