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Bullfighting is violent? Who knew?

Jan 8, 2011, 12:43 PM EDT


The country of Spain has decided to join the rest of the world (well, most of it) in the 21st century, as its National broadcaster has banned the controversial “sport” of bullfighting from the majestic country’s airwaves, specifically in an attempt to safeguard the children against viewing violence (Maude Flanders would be so pleased). While the halt comes a little too late for Julio Aparicio, it’s good news for the rest of us made more-than-a-little uneasy by the public and systematic ritual of animal sacrifice that the defenders of Spain’s traditions so glowingly adore.

From the article:

RTVE lists its new ban on transmitting bullfighting programs under a chapter called “Violence with animals” in its latest stylebook and says it “will not broadcast bullfighting.”

One of the reasons given by RTVE – Spain’s state network – is that bullfights “generally coincide with hours protected or specially protected for young viewers.”

You know what this means….Prime Time Bullfights, everyone! Despite its detractors, the spectacle is ingrained enough in Spanish culture that it’s foolish to think it will just disappear; if the problem with airing the fights now is the timing, I’m sure organizers will just find new times to hold them. At least the kids of Spain now won’t have to wonder what the hell the old people on TV with the silly spears and sick bulls are doing.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go eat the leftovers of my BBQ smorgasbord and then play a couple schoolkids in Halo. Good work, Spain.


Spain’s national broadcaster bans bullfighting [NBC Sports]

  1. Old Gator - Jan 8, 2011 at 11:27 PM

    There’s no comparison of the instantaneous death by cattlegun to the slow, agonizing, progressive baiting and killing of a bull with spears and swords to the guts. The sooner this cruel, neanderthal, stupid sport is banned for good, the better. Unlike cockfights and dogfights, this will be tough to hide in someone’s backyard.