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For former homeless guy Ted Williams, life is now both cheesy and delicious

Jan 7, 2011, 1:20 PM EDT

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And the winner is … Kraft Macaroni & Cheese! Following the jump, video of the latest windfall for former homeless guy Ted Williams, who was discovered panhandling near a Columbus, Ohio, freeway and is now the toast of the media due to his “God-given gift of voice.” The former radio professional who got waylaid by some bad life choices has received a boatload of job offers over the past two days, including this: voiceover work in the latest Kraft Mac&Cheese commercial.

It’s the one with the recurring theme of the parents — usually dad — hijacking the kid’s portion of delicious mac-n-cheese (bastards!). In this spot, dad shows up to dinner with a client, without telling mom in advance. Drama ensues. Williams’ voiceover can be heard at the end.

From PopEater:

Lynne Galia, a Kraft spokeswoman, told the Chicago Tribune the company saw the YouTube clip like the rest of the world and moved to work with Williams for four commercials. “We were moved by his story and his amazing voice,” Galia said, adding that Williams’ voice is “perfectly suited” for the ad campaign. “We were in the middle of making our TV spots and in a unique position to help Ted use his great voice and also provide him employment.”

It’s true, Ted. I do love it.

Kraft Debuts Ad Featuring ‘Golden Voice’ of Ted Williams [PopEater]