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Jimmy Kimmel sued over LeBron James bit

Dec 16, 2010, 10:02 AM EDT

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It’s quite a trick to get sued over a LeBron James comedy bit, and not have LeBron being the one who’s suing you. Instead, Jimmy Kimmel and ABC are being served by orthodox Jewish rabbi Dovid Sondick, a YouTube sensation known as the “Flying Rabbi”, over a video segment that appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video after the jump).

TMZ recently released a photo in which LeBron was seen holding hands in prayer with South Florida-based Rabbi Yoshayahu Yosef Pinto, a spiritual leader of Kabbalah. Nice PR move there, I might add.

On his show recently, Kimmel made with the comedy by showing the LeBron photo, then saying that he’s had his own consultation with Rabbi Pinto. He then showed a clip of Rabbi Sondick — not the same guy — ranting at the window of Kimmel’s car. On the Red Carpet:

Sondick says he was made to “look foolish” and was presented as a “laughingstock” on Kimmel’s show. He added that he had suffered “embarrassment, loss of reputation, mental anguish and distress” as a result.

Sondick also says footage of himself was likely taken from YouTube, which hosts many amateur videos that show him chanting on the streets of New York. He says his voice, picture and likeness were falsely portrayed as being those of Pinto and added that the show made it appear as if he had agreed to participate in the production.

Here’s another version of the video in case the YouTube one is taken down.

Here’s the actual lawsuit (.pdf), in case you’re interested.

Anyone remember Brother Theodore from David Letterman’s old NBC show? Rabbi Sondik is in that pay grade. In other words, as Frank Burns said to Hawkeye: “I don’t need your help to look foolish.”

Yes, the lawsuit is stupid. But the most notable thing here is that, for once, LeBron is completely blameless.

So I guess the motto here is that one shouldn’t mix his Rabbis.

Jimmy Kimmel sued by YouTube’s ‘Flying Rabbi’ Dovid Sondik over LeBron James video joke [On The Red Carpet]