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Video: Rock ‘em sock ‘em Russian hockey

Dec 14, 2010, 3:32 PM EDT

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In English, the Russian word perestroika means “restructuring,” as in, I’m going to restructure your face. It didn’t take long for Kontinental Hockey League teams Avangard and Vityaz to renew their hostilities on Sunday … like, immediately following the drop of the puck. That’s when three separate fights broke out, with that one goalie seemingly getting the worst of it. Shouldn’t the goalie be the most protected?

The fight was round II of the epic brawl between the same two teams this past January, in which fines to both teams topped a million rubles (about $40,000). There were a bunch of suspensions then; no telling what’s going to happen with this one. Hockey canceled in Russia for one year?

Triple word score if any of the combatants said “I must break you.”

I envy Sarah Palin; it must be nice to have such an exciting event visible from one’s own backyard.