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Friday Blogdome: The Jets don’t want restaurants naming dishes after them

Dec 10, 2010, 4:49 PM EDT

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The New York Jets set their spokeswoman on Prime KO Japanese Steakhouse after they found out the kosher restaurant was serving dishes with names like “Green on Green Jets Salad” and “Jets Dragon Roll”.

Jets spokeswoman Jessica Ciccone called Prime KO Japanese Steakhouse at 217 W. 85th St. a few weeks ago to complain the gourmet Gang Green fare wasn’t authorized by the team.

“We were really shocked,” said restaurant spokesman Steven Traube. “I think she was just being spiteful.”

So far the restaurant is holding its ground. They added a “Jets latke” for Hanukkah. Can’t wait to see what they add for Kwanzaa. Something with a poached egg called Revis Island perhaps. [Deuce of Davenport]

  • Seventh-grader throws down thunder dunk on a fast break. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to preface the following video with this disclaimer: The man-child throwing down the thunder dunk you’re about to see is only 11 years old. [Prep Rally]
  • Illinois-Oakland Game is Latest in Historic Equipment Errors. It was quite the gaffe in Champaign when, for the first seven minutes of Wednesday night’s mens basketball game between Illinois and Oakland, the players used a women’s ball. Lucky for the refs, players and all involved in the incident they can rest assured that this isn’t the first time the sports world has seen some notable equipment problems that initially went unnoticed. A few examples … [Joe Sports Fan]
  • Oh, Spare Me: Tennessee Basketball Player’s Eligibility Hinges On Passing Bowling Class. After transferring from Marquette to Tennessee in December, 2009, forward Jeronne Maymon had to sit out one year before he was eligible to play for the Volunteers. With the year just about up, one thing is preventing Maymon from making his debut on Saturday against Pittsburgh: A passing grade in a bowling class he took during fall semester, one of the five classes Maymon was enrolled in. [Sportress of Blogitude]

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