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Tuesday Blogdome: How about some Raiders and Chargers fans fighting outside the stadium?

Dec 7, 2010, 4:33 PM EDT

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Some Raiders fans like to think that by wearing the silver and black it somehow gives them special powers to be “bad-a**” and to “kick-a**”. They apparently didn’t get the memo that while the Raiders teams of the ’70s were a rough and tough kick a** team, the Raiders of the new millennium have been a bunch of nancy-boys. That and you are not what you wear. I could wear a dress made of meat and I suddenly wont be able to sing and like Lady Gaga … i’d just smell real bad and freak out a bunch of people. Observe as they get their a**es handed to them by a bunch of preppy San Diego fans in the lot after the game. [Deuce of Davenport]

  • Could BCS Data Be Wrong Yet Go Unchecked? Yes. BCS and RPI guru Jerry Palm reports today that the latest BCS rankings were, in fact, inaccurate. And no one at the BCS – or ESPN- or the NCAA knew about it. Turns out that no one ever checks to see if the BCS data is wrong, except for informal inspections by Palm himself. Mistakes happen. But this mistake, and how it has been subsequently handled by the offending parties, is unforgiveable. [SportsbyBrooks]
  • Leon Washington Punt Return For Touchdown FAIL. During yesterday’s Seahawks/Panthers affair, it appeared that Seattle Seahawks punt return Leon Washington was in the clear for easy touchdown. However, the turf monsters and premature celebration gods decided to cost him that touchdown. [Outside the Boxscore]

For the Record: Sylvester Stallone elected to Boxing Hall of Fame. Clubber Lang doesn’t get the necessary 75 percent.

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