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Thursday Blogdome: LeBron, Poelstra get it on

Dec 2, 2010, 4:40 PM EDT

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Here’s an interesting take on the current friction that may or may be occurring in the Miami Heat’s locker room. For wrestling fans, the scene upon which Erik Spoelstra, Pat Riley, and LeBron James‘ heads have been crudely pasted is immediately recognizable. So, in this instance James is the conniving Shawn Michaels, while Spoelstra is the baby-faced, naive Marty Jannetty – that’s about as far as I’m qualified to delve into this thing. For a full explanation you’d have to ask Bill Simmons. [Sports Grid]

  • It’s totally fine to boo LeBron. We can disagree about certain instances of booing (although not as many as you might think), but I think we can all agree that if it was you who was the poor Cavs fan schlub, you’d want to boo, too. So boo away. You have the full support of this corner of the world. [Dan Shanoff]
    • Nightcapper: Hey Cavs Fan, This Is What It Looks Like When Big Z & LeBron Took The Court To Get Warm For Tonight’s A** Kicking. Tonight is really a chance for multimedia to shine. Here is #lebron. Follow along while you tune in to the game at 8 p.m. on TNT. [Busted Coverage]

    For the Record: Cigar Guy’s 15 minutes not up quite yet … Just in time for Hanukkah, love, the Florida Panthers … Cleveland bar ready for tonight’s Heat-Cavs game.

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