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Spin City: Major League Dreidel is here, and it’s spectacular

Dec 1, 2010, 11:22 AM EDT

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First of all, any commercial use or distribution of this post without the expressed written consent Major League Dreidel is strictly prohibited. Yes, there is such a thing; and since today is the beginning of Hanukkah, it’s time you knew. MLD, basically, pits players against each other for the longest dreidel spin, and it can get quite raucous. There’s a pretty big league in Brooklyn, at the music hot spot the Knitting Factory, and others have popped up in other cities such as San Francisco, Denver and Miami.

Another aspect of Major League Dreidel is a card game called No Limit Texas Dreidel, invented by Jennie Rivlin Roberts during a road trip in 2005. From the National Post:

Major League Dreidel (MLD) is an amped-up Hanukkah party and battle royale where players vie for the longest dreidel spin. As competitors with such names as Spindiana Jones, Goy Wonder and Spinona Ryder play with the traditional four-sided spinning top, the mid-twenties crowd shouts, high-fives and swigs such Jewish-themed beers as Genesis Ale and Messiah Bold.

The Jewish puns are endless, as are the inventive costumes. Oscar De La Menorah, for example, sports a boxing robe and trunks in competition. Between bouts, the heavy metal act Gods of Fire play such songs as The Quest for the Latke Oil and Taking the Temple.

The game’s founder feels strongly about her faith and has been assured adding poker to the Jewish game is kosher. “Dreidel is a gambling game. I’ve talked to rabbis about it. If you’re gambling for fun and it’s not taking away time and money from your family, it’s fine,” Rivlin Roberts says. “And of course we are playing for chocolate, so it’s not a sin.”

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