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First collegiate competitive eating team is from …

Nov 22, 2010, 4:29 PM EDT

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Today’s question: Isn’t a competitive eating team without any competition just, you know, a bunch of guys sitting around stuffing their faces? The first collegiate competitive eating squad does not choose to tackle that issue at this time. Please welcome the newest — and only — member National Collegiate Collection of Competitive Eating Club Teams; the University of Maryland. From ESPN:

The club is brand new – it just became official on Monday – but is already 30 members strong. And behind it all is Terrapin junior Keith Solomon, an environmental engineering major from Marlboro, NJ. Keith, the team’s founder and president, came up with the idea back when he was a freshman and had to burn some extra dining points before he lost them.

Here’s their mission statement. Never mind that the terrapin is actually a notoriously fussy eater which lives on a diet of mollusks, fiddler crabs and small fish.

SC: Who is your biggest rival?
KS: Currently, we are the first and only collegiate team in the nation, so competition is scarce. Naturally, Duke is our biggest rival, once they start a team.

SC: Do your uniforms involve elastic waist pants?
KS: We currently do not have uniforms, but they would include elastic waist shorts, stain-proof tee shirts and bibs.

And so, the oven mitt has been thrown down. Your move, Duke.

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