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Video: When bulls do the Lambeau Leap

Nov 15, 2010, 4:15 PM EDT

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What happens when a rodeo bull leaps into the stands and starts stomping the spectators? I think the rodeo clowns should be court-martialed. “Turn in your oversized pants and bulbous nose, clown.” (Clown slinks off in shame, still wearing noisy clown shoes *squeek! squeek! squeek! squeek! squeek! …*

It happened at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, Alberta on Friday, as a bull named Rewind bucked its rider and jumped a steel security barrier into the crowd. Unlike with a bullfighting event, where the bulls are bent on bloody massacre, this one just wanted to pummel a few humans for taking its dignity. How would you like to be mounted by Billy Ray Cyrus and taunted by Oompa Loompas? From CNN:

One woman was hospitalized and three others were injured and treated by paramedics at the event, according to a statement released by the Northlands Organization, which sponsored the event.

Video from CNN affiliate CTV shows a chaotic scene as spectators frantically scattered away from the bull. One woman gripped tightly to the security railing. An onlooker lifted a child out of her seat to protect her from the approaching animal.

Great call by the annnouncer, by the way:

“Well, we have us an issue here now,” an announcer said. “I suggest you get high [in the stands] really fast.”

I knew this would happen once the vendors started selling alfalfa.

Bull bolts into crowd at Canadian rodeo [CNN]