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Does Kevin Durant have a creepy video stalker?

Oct 29, 2010, 11:49 AM EDT

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Check out the videos after the jump, in which Kevin Durant is recorded from outside of his home, from creepy, suspicious angles. In the first one, the person taking the video is hiding behind a bush outside of his window, as Durant eats breakfast. Before you start thinking “One Hour Photo”, however, notice the Gatorade bottles on the counter. Yep, more like “Viral Marketing.” Who has Gatorade for breakfast? With the labels turned perfectly toward the camera? While the front of the cereal box is pointed conveniently away from the camera?

Well, apparently the Gatorade bottles were just to throw us off the trail. It’s actually a Nike “social media” ad campaign. Not sure how effective it is, but I like it better than the recent one with LeBron James.

And you know, following the stalker theme, they could have gone a little darker and creepier, with Halloween coming and all. POLICE: “Kevin, the call is coming from inside your home!”

KD has a neighbor stalking him, but is it really Nike? [Daily Thunder]