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Video: ‘Those people are smokin’ weed!’

Oct 28, 2010, 11:16 AM EDT


Part of the fun of wandering around AT&T Park on Wednesday was seeing the bemused looks of Texas Rangers fans (yep, there were a few), as they acclimated themselves to the paradigm shift in cultures. Just as jumping into ice-cold water on a hot day, moving too quickly between Arlington and San Francisco can be bad for your health. Take Dallas NBC-5 TV reporter Newy Scruggs, reporting on Wednesday from San Francisco. Positioned on the outer bank of McCovey Cove, Newy is shocked to learn that some Giants fans may be smoking illegal narcotics. The Devil’s hemp! Or, as Newy phrases it, “These people are smokin’ weed!”

People are nice here, we’re not in New York. No one’s gonna be spitting on us. No one’s gonna come up and tell us we’re bad people. This is San Francisco. There’s people smokin’ weed over there; they don’t care! They want to see their team win, but they’re half buzzed out.

Yeah Newy, we’re all smokin’ weed out here. These are the kind of hurtful stereotypes that prevent us from … *cough!*”

(If the video below doesn’t play, here’s the link).

Dallas Sports Anchor: ‘They’re Smoking Weed’ [MediaBistro]

  1. goforthanddie - Oct 28, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    He’s upset because they were Bogarting the bowl. Or maybe because his mama named him Newy.